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We can provide topless poker dealers in Sydney for those who want to enjoy their social event with some R-rated add-ons. With more than 300 beautiful girls available to choose from, you’ll find the one for your table without a doubt. At Baddie Entertainment, your R-rated and X-rated evening is our joy to provide.

What You Can Expect From Our Topless Poker Dealers in Brisbane

While many think ‘topless’ says it all, there’s much more to our girls. Here’s what you can expect from them during a poker event:

  • Exciting energy. Poker is a social event, and although dealers ordinarily keep to themselves somewhat, you can expect our girls to bring the energy to spice up the evening with some banter.

  • Poker know-how. What’s a dealer for a game of poker if they don’t understand the rules? Our dealer girls know the game inside and out and have sufficient experience as dealers not to hinder your gameplay.

  • Topless or fully nude dealing. While topless is the choice for many, you can also opt for a fully nude dealer if you prefer to turn up the R-rated dial on the poker event.


Hiring Our Topless Poker Dealers on the Gold Coast

If you’re ready to hire one of our girls, here’s what you need to know:

  • Pricing. Topless poker dealer is $130/hour and nude poker dealer is $250/hour.

  • Minimum booking. We have a minimum booking of two hours per girl.

  • Many more options. Our girls can also provide a range of additional options for entertainment, from helping at your event as a cocktail waitress (clothed or nude) to R-rated strip shows and options for promo photoshoots.

With our beautiful topless poker dealers in Sydney at your social event, you’re sure to turn heads and create an unforgettable experience for all. Consider browsing the pictures of our available models to find the right one for your next poker evening.

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